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Título: Why Do So Many People Seem To Hate Nintendo?
Enviado por: HarryJenkins em Janeiro 12, 2018, 04:36:21 am

Nintendo gets a disproportionate amount of hatred from the "fanbase". Now, obviously all video game companies have their detractors, particularly partisans for a rival console, and all companies draw heat when they do something "bad" ( from the perspective of their consumer base ). However, thinking back across at least the past three generations, it at least *seems* like Nintendo gets it much worse than the others. Even across changes of generation and changes in the fortunes of the other companies, Nintendo gets more specifically-targeted dislike than the others.

Why is this so? Which is to say, why do they have a disproportionate number of anti-fans, or alternatively, why does their similarly sized anti-fanbase manage to be louder and more noticeable?

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